Please read these instructions before hospital visits. The instructions must be followed in all hospitals in Kymenlaakso.

Prohibition on visits in Kymsote hospitals

Due to the difficult situation with the coronavirus in Kymenlaakso, visits to patients in care at Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, North Kymi Hospital, Hamina and Karhula hospitals and the rehabilitation unit in Hoiku are prohibited from 30 November 2020 until 31 December 2020.

The prohibition does not apply to Kymenlaakso Psychiatric Hospital, the palliative care units

Villa Apila and Villa Meri, the children’s ward, or to childbirth support persons. These exceptions will be permitted in accordance with the guidelines in force at the time of the decision. Visits by close relatives of dying and critically ill patients are also allowed in a manner agreed upon with the staff of the care unit in question.

The reason for the prohibition on visits is the acceleration phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kymenlaakso and the restrictive measures put in place under the Communicable Diseases Act.

General instructions during visits:

Patients, such as an elderly person or a child, who need a support person may be accompanied by one escort. Escorts are obliged to wear face masks in the hospitals.

Support staff (or visitors to the department for special reasons) must not show symptoms of

Everyone must practise good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser must be used on arrival at the hospital and on leaving. Hand sanitiser is available in the hospital.

Safety distances (at least 2 metres) between persons must be observed in the hospital), including when visiting patients in the wards.

Persons visiting wards for special reasons must register with the ward office at the beginning of the visit.

Hospital visitors are obliged to wear face masks. This obligation applies above all to those escorting patients and to visitors, but also to everyone who has no health-related reason not to wear a mask. In accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the obligation applies to persons over the age of 15. The mask must be put on at the hospital door. Most importantly, everyone must have their own mask.

All escorts and visitors must wear the mask throughout the visit and follow the instructions given by the staff. Hospital patients must also wear a mask at all times, if their state of health and the situation allow it. More information and instructions can be obtained from the staff.

When removing the mask outside the hospital, it must be properly disposed of in a rubbish bin.