Births and maternity clinics

If you are coming to a maternity clinic, gynaecological outpatient clinic or maternity clinic and have symptoms indicative of the coronavirus (fatigue, headache, runny nose, cough, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhoea) or have been abroad within the past 10 days, please contact us in advance for further instructions.

Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, Kotka

Maternity outpatient clinic, tel. 020 633 6014

Gynaecological outpatient clinic, tel. 020 633 6010

Maternity reception, tel. 020 633 6000

Ward 8, tel. 020 633 6024

Patients coming to give birth and visitors to the maternity outpatient clinic can enter from the main entrance at the south end daily from 6 am to 8 pm.

The entrance to the maternity clinic and maternity unit between 8 pm and 6 am is via the accident and emergency department. The accident and emergency department is located in the new G wing, from where those arriving are escorted onward.

North Kymi Hospital, Kouvola (Kuusankoski)

Gynaecological outpatient clinic, tel. 040 626 7705

Maternity clinic, tel. 040 626 7705

Instructions for patients and support persons

  • Patients and support persons must wear a face mask throughout the hospital visit, when moving around in the facilities when other patients or staff are present. Moving around inside the hospital should be minimised. However, if, for example, the mother and father are in the delivery room or are together in the patient room of the delivery ward, face masks do not need to be used.
  • The expectant mother does not need to wear a mask during childbirth if she is asymptomatic.
  • The support person may be present at screening ultrasound examinations (early pregnancy and middle-stage pregnancy), the onset of childbirth, vaginal birth and postpartum care in the delivery ward. In addition, the support person can be present at the reception for expectant mothers who fear childbirth (SYPE in Finnish) and reception for expectant mothers who use or have used drugs, alcohol or medicines (HAL in Finnish).
  • Support persons are not permitted to be present at doctor’s appointments in the maternity outpatient’s clinic until further notice. Neither is a support person allowed to wait in the maternity outpatient’s clinic lobby. This enables us to maintain adequate safety distances in the waiting area.
  • If the method of childbirth is Caesarean section, the support person must wait in the delivery room during the operation.
  • There can only be one support person. The support person must be healthy. They must not have any symptoms of infection and must not have been exposed to the coronavirus. In addition, they must not have been abroad during the past 10 days.
  • Family rooms are is use.
  • Childbirth coaching is arranged at least until further notice, but visits to see the maternity unit are not possible.
  • No visitors other than the support person are allowed.