Visits to Kymsote locations

In order to minimise the risk of infection and to protect at-risk groups, certain exceptional arrangements apply to visits to units. Visits to some operational units are restricted.

Check the unit-specific exceptional situations.

Please always check the unit-specific exceptional practices before coming to the locations!

Do not visit if you have symptoms.

Visits to Kymsote units are prohibited if the person has any symptoms of infectious disease (e.g. cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle pain and/or headache) or has been exposed to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Practise good hand hygiene.

Hand sanitiser should be used when entering and leaving the unit. Hand sanitiser is available in each unit.

Maintain safety distances from others.

When in the unit, a safety distance of at least 2 metres must be observed, including when visiting a patient.

Wear a mask.

All patients in Kymsote hospitals and other locations are obliged to wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth. This obligation applies above all to those escorting patients and to visitors, but also to everyone who has no health-related reason not to wear a mask. In accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the obligation applies to persons over the age of 12.

The mask must be put on before entering the hospital or location. Most importantly, everyone must have their own mask.

All escorts and visitors must wear the mask throughout the visit and follow the instructions given by the staff. Patients must also wear a mask at all times, if their health and the situation permit it. Instructions can be obtained from the staff.

When the mask is removed outside the hospital or other location, it must be properly disposed of in a rubbish bin.