Vaccination sites

There are COVID-19 vaccination sites in Kouvola, Kotka, Hamina, Virolahti and Pyhtää. You can choose the vaccination site you prefer, regardless of where you live. The only exception is the Pyhtää vaccination site, which only serves Pyhtää residents and those who have chosen the Pyhtää health centre.


Hamina Hospital
Reutsinkatu 1, Hamina (access through main entrance, X-ray unit).


Shopping centre Pasaati, 1st floor commercial premises indoors
Access through Kirkkokatu entrance (the site is located opposite Cubus).

Karhula centre, former Luotsi Health Center
Karhulantie 30, Kotka.


Shopping centre Hansa
Torikatu 3, 2nd floor, Kouvola (former temporary Osuuspankki premises).


Old business site building
Itätie 1, Virolahti.


Pyhtää health centre
Huutjärventie 14, Siltakylä.

Only for Pyhtää residents and persons who have chosen Pyhtää health centre.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary and free of charge in Finland, and it is offered to everyone over the age of 16. COVID-19 vaccines provide protection against the severe form of the disease.