Use of masks

In Kymenlaakso, priority is given to ensuring compliance with basic instructions, i.e. hand and cough hygiene and sufficient (2 m) safety distances. Wearing a face mask is one additional way to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

Mask recommendations are based on the regional epidemic situation. The mandatory recommendation applies to persons over the age of 15 in accordance with the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Current recommendations on the use of masks:

A strong recommendation to wear a face mask in the following situations is in place in Kymenlaakso (people over 12 years old):

  • Public transport and taxis, for both drivers and passengers.
  • Public spaces and events.
  • Private service providers (shops, banks, etc.).
  • Upper secondary schools, higher education institutions and liberal cultural institutions for students and staff.
  • Hobby activities.
  • Workplaces where safety distances or shift alternations on the premises or other hygiene and safety arrangements are not possible.
  • Social care and healthcare staff in all contact situations.

In addition, face protection (a mask or visor) is strongly recommended for primary and early childhood education staff.

Use of masks in the workplace

  • If remote working is not possible, it is recommended that the employer provide staff with instructions for using face masks in all work areas.
  • The use of masks is recommended in workplaces for everyone, especially if a safety distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. It is also recommended to wear a mask when employees can maintain a safe distance from each other. If an employee is working alone in a work area, a mask is not needed.

Checklist for using masks:

  • Try different masks to find a model that fits your face and you can breathe through.
  • Reserve as many masks as you will need during the day.
  • Reserve a bottle of hand sanitiser and extra masks for replacement if necessary.
  • Put on the mask before boarding a vehicle.
  • Make sure the mask fits tightly and covers the mouth, nose and jaw.
  • Do not touch the mask or move it under the chin or forehead during use.
  • If you need to touch the mask during use, wash or disinfect your hands before and after touching it.
  • Do not put a used mask back on.
  • Replace the mask with a new one if it gets wet or dirty.