Upon arriving in Finland

All travelers should ensure that they obtain the required certificates before arriving in Finland. Furthermore, all additional safety measures should be followed.

Kymsote recommends using the Finentry-service for all travelers.

A certificate of one of the following is required for those arriving in Finland from high-risk countries:

  • Complete coronavirus vaccination kit with an approved vaccine. Persons of Finnish nationality or persons permanently residing in Finland can obtain the EU Covid-19 certificate.
  • Pre-arrival negative result of a coronavirus test. Alternatively, one must have has the 1st covid 19-vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. In addition, a coronavirus test must be taken within 3-5 days of arrival in Finland.
  • Having had the coronavirus disease within 6 months.

The certificates must be in Finnish, Swedish or English.

If a person arriving in Finland does not have to present any of these options, he or she must undergo a coronavirus at the border of Finland and another one within 3-5 days. The tests are able to be booked with Finentry.

The obligation to present a certificate or undergo a coronavirus test does not apply to persons under 16 years of age or persons who arrive in Finland from countries other than those at risk. However, Kymsote recommends that children born in 2006 or later traveling with adults follow the same guidelines as adults when returning from a trip.

Finnish citizens and permanent residents of Finland always have the right to return to Finland. The entry of an alien may be refused if the conditions for entry are not met.

If a person does not undergo the required coronavirus tests after arriving in Finland, he or she is guilty of a health protection violation and might be punished.