Instructions for students

The coronavirus situation presents significant everyday challenges to Kymenlaakso educational institutions for both staff and students. The aim of the instructions below is to help ensure normal school life as far as possible. If necessary, the guidance may be amended or further specified if the situation changes.

The risk of severe coronavirus has not increased in healthy people or adolescents who have an underlying disease, such as asthma or diabetes, that is being controlled by treatment. The risk to children of contracting the virus has generally not increased even in children with severe underlying medical conditions or who need immunosuppressive medication, i.e. medication to suppress the immune system. Stopping medication can be dangerous, however.

General guidelines for students and staff of educational institutions

We recommend that all staff and students at secondary schools and higher education institutions read and follow the guidelines below.

  • Do not go to a school or other educational institution when sick.
  • If a student gets sick in the middle of the school day, they should either go home independently or wait in a separate, safe space for someone to collect them.
  • If the student shows symptoms suggestive of the coronavirus (fatigue, headache, runny nose, cough, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhoea), an appointment should be made for a coronavirus test. The student can either make an appointment and go to the test themselves or an adult can make an appointment on their behalf and bring them there.
  • The results of COVID-19 tests are provided centrally through the infectious diseases unit. Student health nurses do not give the results.

Please note the recommendations in the area on the use of masks and other precautionary measures. The recommendations currently in force can be found link below.