Severe coronavirus infection is extremely rare in children. The risk of severe coronavirus has not increased in healthy children or children whose underlying illness, such as asthma or diabetes, is controlled through care.

The risk of children contracting the virus has generally not increased even in children with severe underlying medical conditions or who need immunosuppressive medication, i.e. medication to suppress the immune system. Stopping medication can be dangerous, however.

If a child in need of such medication develops symptoms suggestive of the COVID-19 infection, their guardians should be quick to contact the specialised medical unit where the child is being monitored for their underlying illness.

Symptoms requiring immediate treatment in children

The instructions below always apply regardless of the cause of disease or underlying illness.

If your child falls ill and develops any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible:

  • Your child has breathing difficulties.
  • Your child’s skin turns bluish or greyish.
  • Your child is not drinking enough.
  • Your child is vomiting heavily or continuously.
  • Your child does not wake up or react to anything.
  • Your child is so irritable that they can’t be held.
  • Your child’s symptoms disappear, but then return with a fever and an even worse cough.