Visits to Kymsote locations

In order to minimise the risk of infection and to protect at-risk groups, certain arrangements may apply to visits to units.

Please read these instructions regarding escorts and visitors carefully before visiting our locations. When visiting our locations, such as health centers, hospitals or housing units, please follow all instructions given by the staff.

Visits in Kymsote hospitals

When visiting Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, Ratamokeskus, Hamina Hospital, Karhula Hospital or Hoiku follow these instructions:

  • A maximum of one person can come at a time, or 2 if the visitor needs an escort.
  • The maximum duration of the visit is 30 minutes, however it can be longer if it is beneficial for the patient’s well-being.
  • If it is possible to carry out the visit outdoors, its duration may be longer than 30 minutes. A mask must also be used when visiting outdoors.
  • As a general rule, the visit must take place between 1pm and 6pm. Otherwise, visits must be agreed separately with the department’s staff.
  • The visitor must be healthy, wear a surgical mouth-nose guard throughout the visit, maintain a safe distance to others, follow good hand hygiene and other instructions given by staff.
  • Even a slight symptom of an infectious disease is an obstacle to a visit.
  • The visitor must follow all other instructions given by the department’s staff.

Visits to Kymenlaakso Psychiatric Hospital, the palliative care units Villa Apila and Villa Meri or the children’s ward are allowed. Support persons may also visit the birth clinic. However, general visiting rules shoul be obtained.

Visits by close relatives of dying and critically ill patients are also allowed in a manner agreed upon with the staff of the care unit in question.

Births and maternity clinics

  • If you are coming to a maternity clinic, gynecological outpatient clinic or maternity clinic and have symptoms indicative of COVID-19, please contact us in advance for further instructions.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women.
  • Patients and support persons must wear a face mask throughout the hospital visit, when moving around in the facilities when other patients or staff are present.
  • If the mother and father are in the delivery room or are together in the patient room of the delivery ward, face masks do not need to be used. The expectant mother does not need to wear a mask during childbirth if she is asymptomatic.
  • The support person participating in the birth is expected to take a COVID-19 home test less than 24 hours before arriving at the delivery unit.
  • Childbirth coaching is arranged remotely.

Housing units

  • Only healthy persons can visit their close relatives.
  • Close contact, such as shaking hands, should be avoided.
  • We recommend wearing a mask.
  • The staff give instructions on hand hygiene, wearing a mask and other necessary practices.
  • A personal assistant is comparable to an employee and protects themself in assistance situations according to the staff’s instructions.
  • Meetings can be organized as agreed in a separate space or in the resident’s room.
  • If the visitor is coming to meet a resident who is in the same room with several people, it is recommended to hold the meeting outside this room.
  • We also recommend wearing a mask outdoors, especially in close contact, such as when pushing a wheelchair.

Residents’ visits or vacations outside housing units

  • At the destination, relatives must be healthy.
  • Residents going to visit relatives or home must be healthy.
  • More detailed arrangements are agreed in advance with the unit.
  • The staff will provide instructions on hand hygiene and the use of masks.
  • We also recommend wearing a mask outside housing units.